Stellplatz The German website offers user-generated information on parking spots for campers across Europe. Via that massive directory, and for the price of a parking ticket, a parking spot can turn into a temporary home. Sam Weerdmeester went to visit some of those Stellplätze in Germany and approached their occupants and their vehicles to document the phenomenon. In 019, Weerdmeester presents a fragment of these places, by turning the exhibition space into a temporary stock for the campers he photographed.

Installation view, 'Stellplatz', '019, Ghent [BE], 2018
Installation view, 'Plezierboten', 'Lodgers (accomodated by Gauthier Oushoorn and Gijs Milius)' Muhka, Antwerp [BE], 2018
Installation view, 'Participating Companies', 'RE-art2' Zaventem [BE], 2017

Participating Companies The publication 'Participating Companies' shows the entrances plus company-details of forty Belgian companies that were involved in an exhibition titled 'RE art-2' (where the book was also presented). Designed as a scribbling-pad, the book sits somewhere in between an artist book and a promotional gift. During 'RE art-2’ the work maintained this middle ground when a selection of photos from the book were shown as prints on spots outside of the exhibition scope.

Bloc-glued book, 23,1x16 cm, edition of 200 copies, 80 pages, self-published, Brussels, September 2017
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Installation view, 'Controversy', Controversy (in collaboration with Max Pinckers), Muhka, Antwerp [BE], 2017

(Max Pinckers & Sam Weerdmeester)

Controversy addresses the polemic of photojournalisms’ ethical credibility by engaging in the discussion surrounding Robert Capa’s Falling Soldier and confronting it with a scientific approach based on a recent study by professor J. M. Susperregui. Does a scientific debunking of a photographic icon ultimately change its meaning, or does its relevance surpass its authenticity?

Softcover, 210 x 279 mm, edition of 750, 16 pages, ISBN: 9789082465532, published by Lyre Press, August 2017.
Written contributions by Lars Kwakkenbos, J.M Susperregui and Hans Durrer
Lyre Press # Controversy


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Full notation of photo-set showing student housing. Photos can be queried online by reference of filenames. (

Folder, closed format 250.75 x 177.30 mm, open format 501.5 x 709.2 mm. 1st edition of 300 copies, 16 pages, ISBN: 9789082465525, published by Lyre Press, May 2017
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Installation view, 'Terrace Inventory Sarajevo March 2017', 'LEZERNA RAZMJENA BEZ PANIKE', Charlama, Sarajevo [B-H], 2017
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Installation view, 'Controversy', permanently installed, town hall, Espejo [ESP], 2016
Catalogue KRASJ3 (text by Hans Theys), Ninove, 2016
Installation views 'Plezierboten' / 'Kamers', KRASJ3, Ninove [BE], 2016
Installation view 'Plezierboten' BAD, Brussels [BE], 2015
(with Michiel Burger)

[NL] is een verzameling materiaal waarvan de betekenis niet door de oorspronkelijke auteur of context bepaald wordt. Het samenstellen van de verzameling is een manier om te begrijpen wat interessant is. Toetsing aan de hand van zelfopgelegde dogma's zorgt ervoor dat de subjectiviteit bij het samenstellen van de verzameling ingeperkt wordt. Het materiaal op de website en de dogma's kunnen veranderen bij een nieuw inzicht.




'Rheum', published by, Ghent, 2013
Installation view 'WP', Ghent [BE], 2012
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'Animo', self-published, design: Noah Venezia, Ghent, 2012 [sold out]
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Telefoonfoto's 2007-2008

'Telefoonfoto's 2007-2008', self-published, Groningen, 2008