, 2022. (With Michiel Burger) Op worden vondsten van onvoorziene artistieke waarde samengebracht.

Stellplatz, 2018. The German website offers user-generated information on parking spots for campers across Europe. Via that massive directory, and for the price of a parking ticket, a parking spot can tu [...]

Installation view, 'Plezierboten', 'Lodgers (accomodated by Gauthier Oushoorn and Gijs Milius)' Muhka, Antwerp [BE], 2018

Participating Companies, 2017. The publication 'Participating Companies' shows the entrances plus company-details of forty Belgian companies that were involved in an exhibition titled 'RE art-2' (where the book was also pre [...]

Installation view, 'Participating Companies', 'RE-art2' Zaventem [BE], 2017

Controversy, 2017. (Max Pinckers & Sam Weerdmeester).
Controversy addresses the polemic of photojournalisms’ ethical credibility by engaging in the discussion surrounding Robert Capa’s Falling Soldier and confrontin [...]

Lyre Press # Controversy


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biennale mannheim

'Fox' 2016, Las Vegas, with Gauthier Oushoorn, Photo by Max Pinckers

Score, 2017. Full notation of photo-set showing student housing. Photos can be queried online by reference of filenames. (
Folder, closed format 250.75 x 177.30 mm, op [...]

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Installation view, 'Terrace Inventory Sarajevo March 2017', 'LEZERNA RAZMJENA BEZ PANIKE', Charlama, Sarajevo [B-H], 2017

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Installation view, 'Controversy', permanently installed, town hall, Espejo [ESP], 2016

Catalogue KRASJ3 (text by Hans Theys), Ninove, 2016

Kamers, 2015.

Installation views 'Plezierboten' / 'Kamers', KRASJ3, Ninove [BE], 2016

Installation view 'Plezierboten' BAD, Brussels [BE], 2015
(with Michiel Burger)

[NL] is een verzameling materiaal waarvan de betekenis niet door de oorspronkelijke auteur of context bepaald wordt. Het samenstellen van de verzameling is e [...]



'Rheum', published by, Ghent, 2013

Installation view 'WP', Ghent [BE], 2012

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'Animo', self-published, Ghent, 2012

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Telefoonfoto's 2007-2008
'Telefoonfoto's 2007-2008', self-published, Groningen, 2008